Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abortion Industry Continues Its Lies -- Now About Adoption

From the Susan B. Anthony website: http://www.suzyb.org/blog/_archives/2009/4/21/4160085.html

The Washington Times (WT) wrote a fascinating two-part story on the status of adoption in the United States. Today we take a look at part 1. The series begins by looking at the falling number of infant adoptions. In fact, according to the WT, only one percent of all pregnancies out of marriage lead to an adoption. Meanwhile, a new report shows that there are 10 million American couples looking to adopt. Why the discrepancy?

One reason is abortion. Since 1973, the percentage of unwed pregnant women who seek abortion has skyrocketed to 35 percent. We live in a culture now that encourages women to "get rid" of their problems and seek "quick" solutions. For the millions of post-abortive women, however, these lies have painful, unforeseen consequences. Instead of feeling "relief" like the abortion industry would have them think, many women are still suffering from guilt, depression and trauma decades after an abortion.

But the abortion industry continues to lie, not only about the traumatic experience of abortion, but about adoption as well. The WT spoke with several anti-adoption activists who had this to say:

"No one wants to be an adoptee. No mother who has lost a child [to adoption] fully recovers."

"The adoption system is now virtually a North American phenomena - most other countries realize how barbaric it is toward mothers and children."

"[Adoption] is an industry [in which] young, unwed (and thus powerless) parents are persuaded, through force, coercion or outright lies, to transfer parental rights of their children to older, more affluent couples."

This kind of language is hurtful and misleading. Adoption is an empowering choice for women, who choose ultimate love and self-sacrifice for their children. The WT also spoke with Jessica, a woman who offered her child a bright future with an adoptive family. She sums up the process of adoption by saying, "For me, the joy of watching him grow up in his family far outweighs the grief of separating from him."

Adoption is a beautiful option that embodies the greatest love a mother could have for her child. Women should be praised for their love and care in providing their children with the best future.

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