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Life Wisdom and Tribute to Drs. Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand

Please see the website of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project:

LETTER TO A YOUNG GIRL by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand (

My dear young friend:

I know that young girls like secrets, and I am going to share one with you. God has chosen your sex for you; He made you to be a girl. You know that girls today are often told by feminists that the Church is "sexist" and has "discriminated" against them from the very beginning. She is accused of having treated them as "inferior", less talented, less gifted, made to be man’s servants. She has denied them power in the Church, and prohibited them from receiving the highest honor, to be ordained to the priesthood and so on.

No doubt, you have heard this siren song, because the media are good when it comes to spreading this negative message. And this is why, to rebut these false claims, I would like to make you realize that women – far from being discriminated against – have been granted a unique place by God in the work of redemption. The beauty of their mission is already hinted at in the Old Testament, but it finds its fulfillment only in the New, that is in the sweet Mother of our Savior; in Mary, the gentle Maid of Nazareth who was chosen from all eternity to be the Mother of the Redeemer.

Let us take off our "secular" eyeglasses, and then we shall be able to see that women, far from being "discriminated" against, are in many ways privileged. And this is the "secret" I wish to share with you. The body of every little girl born into this world is mysteriously sealed by what is properly called the "veil of virginity". That is to say, a "secret" is entrusted to her body, and a secret is always "veiled". According to Christian teaching, this veil closes the entrance to a mysterious garden which belongs to God in a special way, and for this reason cannot be entered into except with His express permission, the permission that God grants spouses in the Sacrament of Matrimony. Any little girl aware of this "mystery" will feel that her body is to be modestly clothed, so that its secret will be hidden from lewd looks.

Little girls, of course, grow up. How beautiful when a bride can say to her husband on their wedding night, "I have kept this garden virginal for you, and now, with God’s permission I am giving you its key, knowing that you will enter into it with reverence".

Moreover, when a wife conceives a few hours after her husband has embraced her, God creates the child’s soul in her body, (as you certainly know, neither husband nor wife can produce the human soul; God alone can create it.) In other words, there is a personal "contact" between God and the woman which, once again, gives to the female body a note of sacredness. Don’t forget that He whom the whole universe cannot contain, was "hidden" in the womb of the Holy Virgin for nine months. Once you realize this, you will be awe-filled for the double mystery that God has confided to you: to conceive a human being made to God’s image and likeness, and to give birth to it in pain and anguish. Do not forget that it was also in pain and anguish that Christ re-opened for us the gates of paradise – which had been shut by sin. To women has been granted the awesome privilege of nobly suffering so that a new human being, made to God’s image and likeness, might come into the world. Meditate upon this for a moment, and you will feel a deep reverence for your body. It belongs to God, and is not a "play thing" that you can dispose of as you please.

If you ever study pagan art, you will discover that it pays tribute to the male reproductive organ, representing it in various sculptures and paintings as a symbol of strength, virility, creativity, power. But from the very moment that the Catholic Church became a recognized religion, she fought relentlessly against this pagan cult. But the Church introduced a prayer uttered millions of times every single day in which the female organ par excellence, the "womb" is mentioned. "Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus". I am sure, my dear young friend, that if you meditate on this, you will understand that it is a privilege to be born a woman, and will respect the mystery that God has put in the female body.

Thank God that He has made you to be born a woman; I am sure now that you understand that it is a great privilege.

Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand


History of Drs Deitrich and Alice Von Hildebrand

Alice von Hildebrand

Alice Jourdain von Hildebrand was born in Belgium March 11, 1923. She came to the U.S. in 1940. Soon afterwards she met Dietrich von Hildebrand and began philosophy studies at Fordham University as his student where she took nearly 18 courses with him. Later she became his secretary and collaborated with him in the writing of a number of his books. Starting in 1947, she began teaching at Hunter College in New York City. She was eventually appointed Professor of Philosophy at Hunter where for 37 years she was an extraordinarily successful teacher. A number of her students converted to Catholicism under her influence, despite the anti-Christian spirit at Hunter. She married Dietrich von Hildebrand in 1959.

Upon her retirement in 1984 she was given a special award by Hunter in acknowledgement of her great distinction as a teacher. Dr. von Hildebrand counts it as one of the great and ironic moments of her career that the award, which is made on the basis of student evaluations, was presented to her by then-President of Hunter, Donna Shalala, who later served for eight years as President Clinton's Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Dr. von Hildebrand is the author of numerous books, including Introduction to a Philosophy of Religion, Greek Culture, By Love Refined, By Grief Refined, The Soul of a Lion, and The Privilege of Being a Woman, as well as numerous philosophical papers. Since her retirement she has been active in the Catholic world as a lecturer on countless topics and her journeys have taken her to South America, Canada, to thirty-five U.S. states, and to many European countries. In her very active television career, she has made over eighty appearances on EWTN and two hundred and sixty at the Apostolate for Family Consecration in Ohio, many of them about her husband. She has devoted her entire life to making known the thought and witness of her husband, Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Why Is Dr. Deidrick Von Hildebrand Important Today

Dietrich von Hildebrand in
Ticino, Switzerland
Dietrich von Hildebrand wrote prolifically throughout his entire life. Beginning with his two dissertations and culminating in his magisterial work in the philosophy of beauty, the Aesthetics, von Hildebrand's work is marked by the fact that he wrote with originality and brilliance on a great variety of subjects; always in search, to borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, of the "permanent things."

Von Hildebrand's writings can be classified in many different ways. Yet however one makes these classifications, one must realize that whatever the subject, von Hildebrand always remained true to his fundamental identity as a philosopher. Not that everything he wrote was difficult or complex; philosophy is, after all, not about complexity but about a certain way of probing to the very depths of things. (Someone once said very wisely that philosophy studies the questions that children ask.) Von Hildebrand's faithfulness to his true self as a philosopher give all of his writings a freshness and special clarity. One of von Hildebrand's students perhaps summarized von Hildebrand's philosophical spirit best, namely that for von Hildebrand the question of truth was always primary. Convenient, popular, marketable, and so on, where all secondary questions, as his works eminently testify.

Despite the fact that Hildebrand always wrote as a philosopher, his works can be usefully classified into at least three basic categories:

1. Philosophical Texts. Approximately half of von Hildebrand's writings are works of formal philosophy, among them his classic work in fundamental morality, Ethics, and his important book on metaphysics and epistemology, What is Philosophy?. Von Hildebrand also made important important contributions to perennially themes in Christian philosophy - man and woman, sexual purity, virginity, and marriage - as books such as Purity and Virginity, Man and Woman, and Marriage testify.

2. Religious Writings. From the time of his conversion to Catholicism in 1914, von Hildebrand wrote ardently and prolifically on religion, spirituality, and apologetics. His masterpiece in this area, Transformation in Christ, is considered by many to be a classic in Christian spirituality.

As a deeply committed Catholic, von Hildebrand did not shy away from bringing his philosophical gifts to bear on questions of religion. And though he always remained true to the rightly understood autonomy of philosophy, many of von Hildebrand's writings were deeply inspired and motivated by his profound Christian faith. Thus it is that his religious works, notably Transformation in Christ, are filled with important philosophical contributions, and his philosophical works, such as Ethics, are filled with important, religiously inspiried insights.

3. Political Writings. Fleeing Germany in 1934, von Hildebrand put his intellectual talents to work in opposing the poison of the rapidly rising German National Socialism. As the founder of his own anti-Nazi newspaper, The Christian Corporative State, he did intellectual battle at the very roots of the Nazi ideology.

A Special Appeal From Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand

A Critically Important Project

"I welcome with joy and gratitude the founding of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project, which is capable of ensuring that my husband's contributions will be preserved and his message spread for years to come. Pope John Paul II has called for a renewal of philosophy and Catholic higher education; he has also referred to my husband as "one of the great ethical thinkers of the twentieth century." The work of translating and publishing Dietrich von Hildebrand's writings??which can only be accomplished with the generous help of many friends??represents a beautiful response to this call for a rebirth of Catholic spirituality and culture.With humility, I ask for your help and collaboration in this mission by your financial support of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project."

- Alice von Hildebrand

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Eternal Word Television Network To Show Pro-life Ad That NBC Refused for Super Bowl

For Information Please Contact:
Michelle Johnson
Director of Communications
EWTN Global Catholic Network
5817 Old Leeds Road
Irondale, Alabama 35210-2164 USA
(205) 795-5769 - Office
(205) 795-5781 - Fax

BREAKING NEWS: EWTN Picks Up the Ball NBC Dropped in Refusing to Air Pro-life Commercial During Super Bowl

Irondale, AL (EWTN) – See the pro-life commercial NBC refused to air during the Super Bowl on EWTN Global Catholic Network this Sunday Feb. 1, beginning at 5:30 p.m. ET and continuing through midnight ET.

The commercial, sponsored by Fidelis and, centers around the theme: “Life: Imagine the Potential.” It will begin airing during “Faith Bowl II,” an annual Family Theatre made-for-television special, which analyzes the role that the Catholic/Christian Faith plays in professional and collegiate sports. This year, Major League Baseball’s Mark Loretta of the Los Angeles Dodgers will guest along with former professional soccer player Antonio Soave.

The commercials will continue throughout EWTN’s Sunday evening lineup, including the shows with popular series Hosts Father Benedict Groeschel and Father John Corapi, and will conclude at midnight ET.

EWTN also aired this powerful commercial several times during its extensive coverage of the March for Life, which is always Washington D.C.’s largest march of the year. This year, the event conservatively attracted 300,000 marchers (some estimates were as high as 400,000 marchers), even though the price of hotel rooms was sky high due to the Inauguration two days earlier.

The commercial can also be viewed on EWTN’s pro-life webpage,, after 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30, and, of course, on

During this must-see commercial, the following words flash across the screen over a picture of an ultrasound: “This child’s future is a broken home; he will be abandoned by his father; his single mother will struggle to raise him; despite the hardships he will endure, this child will become the 1st African-American president. Life, imagine the potential.”

EWTN Global Catholic Network, in its 28th year, is available in over 148 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories. With its direct broadcast satellite television and radio services, AM & FM radio networks, worldwide short-wave radio station, Internet website and publishing arm, EWTN, is the largest religious media network in the world.

Poster of Preborn Baby At Prayer Service Saves a Life

Poster for prayer service saves a life
By Dave Hrbacek
Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ultrasound image on display at Jan. 22 cathedral service; Archbishop Nienstedt encourages pro-lifers to be a generation of radical love

Bobbie Hallman was attempting to carry out a simple task — make a poster from an ultrasound image.

Bobbie Hallman, left, and her daughter, Annie, hold a poster of an unborn child in the womb that was displayed at the Prayer Service for Life at the Cathedral of St. Paul Jan. 22. The image caused an employee of the print shop that made the poster to choose not to abort her unborn child. – Photo by Dave Hrbacek / The Catholic Spirit
She ended up saving the life of an unborn child.

The drama unfolded at a local print shop. She had agreed to make several posters for use in the Prayer Service for Life at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Jan. 22, which was held on the 36th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in America.

About three weeks before the event, she brought in a handful of small ultrasound pictures that she received from the clinic where her husband, Dr. Kevin Hallman, works in River Falls, Wis.

She showed them to a woman working behind the counter and asked for help making the poster. As she would soon discover, the woman was struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.

“I could see her eyes well up with tears and she walked away,” said Bobbie, formerly of St. Joseph in West St. Paul who now lives in River Falls with her husband and children. “The other lady [behind the counter] said, ‘Oh, you’ll have to forgive her. She’s 12 weeks along right now and she’s not sure if she’s going to keep the baby.’ ”

Just like that, Hallman was thrust to the front lines of the abortion debate. She chose not to try to talk the woman into keeping her baby. Instead, she kept her focus on the poster.

The woman eventually came back to the counter and the two continued looking at the ultrasound pictures Bobbie had brought to pick some for the posters. One stood out — a picture of a fetus at 12 weeks.

“She said, ‘I think you have to use the 12-week one,’ ” Bobbie said. “And, I said, ‘I think I do, too.’ And so, we worked it out and we blew it up [into a poster].”

Text of Archbishop Nienstedt's address at Prayer Service for Life
My brothers and sisters in Christ, especially my young friends, how good and important it is to be here this morning, in support of life and the culture that allows it to flourish. You are the bright promise of a new day in this country, a day when the promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are truly secured for all, born and unborn.

As you all know very well, we live in a time and in a world when threats against the well-being of the human person are nearly always present – from a consumerist culture that informs us that our personal worth is dependent on what we own, to the rampant greed that has left our country and our world in such economic difficulty, to wars and famines and oppressive political regimes that terrorize so many. Truly, we live in a world that now more than ever desperately needs the healing power of Jesus Christ’s redeeming love. ... More
Choosing life

In the meantime, people standing in line nearby began to look at the ultrasound pictures, too. Eventually, the pictures found their way back into the hands of the pregnant employee.

“She looked at them individually again and she said, ‘I can’t abort this baby.’ ” Bobbie said. “She said, ‘I was thinking about aborting this baby. I thought it was just a tissue. And, look at this.’ She was pointing to the fingers and the eyes.”

Then, the woman began to cry and the print shop fell silent. In this unpredicted, uncontrolled, unbelievable encounter, a frightened pregnant woman saw the truth about abortion and the truth about life. And, without any type of a sermon being uttered.

“It was touching for me, it was a miracle for her,” Bobbie said. “I remember once Mother Teresa said that she was nothing but a pencil in the hand of God. And, sometimes, we forget that, I think — that we are his instruments and we have to listen and serve each other and help each other.”

Before she left the shop, Bobbie gave the woman her husband’s telephone number and said he would be happy to give her a free ultrasound. Bobbie said she found out later that the woman did, in fact, come in for the free visit.

Challenged to love radically

Such news, no doubt, would have delighted the standing-room-only crowd at the cathedral that attended the prayer service. Those who came saw the poster that persuaded the print-shop employee to not abort her baby, plus a second poster that was placed in the sanctuary along with the first.

They heard brief remarks by Bobbie’s 12-year-old adopted daughter, Annie, plus two other children. They also heard an impassioned speech by Ann Marie Cosgrove, who once had an abortion and subsequently founded Silent No More Minnesota, a nonprofit organization that educates people about the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of abortion.

Finally, they heard words of encouragement and exhortation by Archbishop John Nienstedt, who had special words of thanks to young people in attendance.

“You are the bright promise of a new day in this country,” he said. “God is shining on you. He wants you to stand up, he wants you to stand up and be counted. In a world full of abuses and injustices, it is my belief that none stand so in need of our attention and prayerful opposition as the grave evil of abortion.”

Bobbie Hallman is an example of what Archbishop Nienstedt said pro-life people need to be.

“We must be willing to be pro-life people 24/7, not just when we are about the important business of marching or protesting or lobbying,” he said. “I solemnly challenge you to be a generation of radical love, the seed from which a new people can be born.”

Bobbie is hoping to see the woman at the print shop next year at the prayer service, along with her newborn child.

Whether or not that happens, the image of that encounter is written on her heart as clearly and unmistakably as the poster that now stands as proof that there are ways to win the battle against abortion — one life at a time.

“I just think it’s an absolute miracle that this happened,” Bobbie said. “This picture saved a soul.”

An estimated 5,000 people gathered on the State Capitol steps in St. Paul Jan. 22 for the 36th annual Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life March for Life. Photo by Dianne Towalski / The Catholic Spirit
March to the Capitol

Following the prayer service, an estimated 5,000 people participated in the annual March for Life at the State Capitol to urge lawmakers not to cut funding for the Positive Alternatives program as they deliberate over the state’s budget deficit. The program provides grants to organizations that provide abortion alternatives.

The legislative agenda of Minne­sota Citizens Concerned for Life, which sponsored the event, also calls for a ban on sex-selection and saline abortions as well as a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion.

According to the most recent figures available, Minnesotans paid $1.6 million for elective abortions in 2006, MCCL said, adding that taxpayers now fund 28 percent of all abortions in the state.

Several pro-life elected officials spoke at the march, including Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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FOCA's Evil Twin ! Prevention First Act

Prevention First Act is FOCA's Dangerous but Overlooked "Evil Twin," says ALL Co-Founder

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 27, 2009 ( - American Life League's (ALL) Judie Brown last week urged pro-lifers to actively oppose the Prevention First Act (PFA), legislation currently under review in Congress. The Act, if passed, would hand over millions to "family planning" methods, strike a blow to health providers' conscience rights, and financially pave the way for the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

Brown, who called the bill FOCA's "evil twin," urged the pro-life community to recognize the more imminent danger presented by PFA.

"We have been warning the entire pro-life movement that this would be a priority, and now we see it in black and white on the official White House web site’s women’s issues page," said Brown in an ALL column.

Brown complained that FOCA, the legislation designed to render illegal all state and federal regulations on abortion, has received more attention than PFA among pro-life circles, although PFA is already "gathering steam." "If and when FOCA is ever introduced and starts to build steam, we are ready to take that on as well, but first things first!" Brown wrote.

The Prevention First Act, which was introduced in the first day of the new Congress, is currently under review by a congressional committee.

"It's a one-two punch: FOCA to strip away all the restrictions and then PFA to pour millions, if not billions, in the abortion industry," Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's (ALL) STOPP International and an expert on Planned Parenthood, told "The Prevention First Act ... opens the floodgates for Planned Parenthood and all kinds of birth control, contraception, [and] family planning money."

In addition to supplying abortion and contraception with more taxpayer funding, Sedlak pointed out coercive elements in the bill, including a title requiring all hospitals that do not provide emergency contraception for rape victims to surrender all federal funding.

"That provision would also result presumably in Catholic hospitals having to shut down if they refuse to provide contraception," said Sedlak, noting that such hospitals would lose Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements.

PFA would require Medicaid to cover contraceptives in the same format as had been proposed, then removed, in Obama's economic stimulus package. (

In addition, all health insurance programs that cover prescriptions would be required to cover the abortifacient morning-after pill.

"We invite our fellow pro-life leaders and their supporters to get with it and start doing all we can to stop this atrocious piece of legislation," wrote Brown in her column.

To read Jim Sedlak's breakdown of PFA, go to:

NARAL Speaks The Same OLD Lies

I signed up for NARAL's newsletter just to see what they say. And I found out...they don't say anything. When you read this, you will see that they say pretty much nothing.

1) They say women don't have access to abortion ??? Oh, as if! Who are they trying to fool, 13 year olds who don't know better?

2) They want money.

3) Sexually transmitted disease is running rampant...well, no kidding ! Condoms don't work!

4) Anti-Choice? Whoa! The choice is BEFORE the conception. Again, who are they trying to sell this to?

5) 87% of counties don't have abortion clinics?? What?? They want a clinic in every county?? We don't even have enough snow plows for every county! Puhleeese!

6) Asks if I have ever known women who have had abortions..oh yes, yes I have. And EACH one of them needed serious counseling to even come close to forgiving themselves. I have seen "I'm so in love with him" ladies hate the sight of him after the abortion. I have seen grandparents grieve that they cannot stop their daughter from falling for the lies. Oh yes, I have known people who had abortions, the guys who couldn't stop it, and the grandparents who could not stop the death of the child.

7) They are losing ! Ladies and gentlemen, Planned Parenthood is losing. This is the best they can do for *reasons*?

Read below..and don't you know my stomach turns every time I receive this bunk from them but as they say..."know thy enemy."


Who Decides?

How Does Your State Measure Up?

The nation's grade is a dismal D-

Your new 2009 state grade on choice is F


Dear Kathie,

If you have ever known a woman who has faced an unintended pregnancy, you know the fundamental importance of her right to make this difficult, personal decision without pressure or stigma.

Sadly, that may not be an option in many states across the country -- possibly even in yours.

Please donate to NARAL Pro-Choice America today.

On the national level we must undo the damage of Bush’s legacy by urging President Obama to reverse the last minute Federal Refusal Rule as well as increase our investment in family planning here at home through the Title X program.

It is truly frightening that more than 36 years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, many women face more obstacles in exercising their right to choose than their mothers did a generation ago. Please support NARAL Pro-Choice America today and help us continue our work protecting choice for another 40 years.

We are at a pivotal moment in American history after pro-choice electoral successes across the country. But with these successes comes profound responsibility.

We cannot achieve our goals without your support. Please donate today.

Here's what we're up against:

* 87 percent of U.S. counties have no abortion provider.
* One in four teenage girls in America today has a sexually transmitted infection.
* Fifteen states have near-total criminal bans on abortion that directly challenge the protections guaranteed under Roe v. Wade.
* Since 1995, states have enacted more than 500 anti-choice measures, including 28 in 2008 alone.

This is why I urge you to contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice America today.

We need your help to protect and defend a woman’s right to choose, and ensure that NARAL Pro-Choice America is around for another 40 years; because American women and their families depend on us to fight for them!

Women are counting on us, and we are counting on you. Please donate today.

My Best,

Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan
NARAL Pro-Choice America

Tell your friends about the Choice Action Network.

Abortion Hurts Men And Women -- Be Silent No More -- Help Is For YOU

Below are all the resources I could find on one page at Silent No More website. This is not just for women but also for men, grandparents, anyone who has had an abortion of facilitated the abortion of another and is hurting from that decision. No one will judge you but everyone will help you. Please take a few minutes to save the links, contact the website in total confidentiality, and know that you are loved!


Resources for Help After Abortion

As people who have personal experience with abortion, we know this can be a difficult issue to deal with. We applaud your courage for recognizing that your feelings associated with an abortion(s) deserve attention and need to be addressed. Our goal here is to connect you with the people and programs that can help you unravel and understand your feelings and behavior related to your experience.

If the trauma of your abortion is causing you such pain that suicidal thoughts and ideas are on your mind please contact or call 1-800-784-2433. You're not alone in your pain and we want to help you.

We have gone through some of the programs listed below, others have been recommended to us by folks like you. The two elements all the programs have in common is that; one, they will empower and impact your life in many great ways – in a sense if you work the programs earnestly, they can help you be set free from the negative feelings and behavior you feel from your abortion. Second, all the people involved care deeply about you, most often they are women and men who have taken time out of their lives to go through training to be properly prepared to help you and do their ministry as volunteers.

Before you begin visiting the websites below, we recommend that you read the outstanding information written by Leslie Graves. It will provide a great overview to help you understand all your options.

As the co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, our desire is to see you make peace with yourself, your child(ren), God and others. Our prayer is that the aftercare program you go through will help you know just how much God loves you and wants the best for you and your loved ones.

Blessings from, Georgette & Janet

How do you know you need healing?

Support and Recovery Groups

* National
* Men's Support and Recovery
* Local
* International
* Website Resources about Abortion Aftermath
* Find help in Central and South America


* General
* Healing
* Affects of Abortion
* Fiction
* Testimonies
* Address Healing in Churches



Upcoming Abortion After-Care Opportunities
Support and Recovery Groups


* Heartbeat International/CareNet Pregnancy Centers
1-800-395-HELP (1-800-395-4357)
* Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. (ARIN) - Abortion Recovery International, Inc. - If you are looking for a list of after-abortion resources in your area, please visit: If there is nothing listed, please call 1-866-4-MY-RECOVERY. The Campaign encourages everyone who conducts, or knows of, after abortion healing programs to contact ARIN by visiting:
* After Abortion National Help line
* Rachel's Vineyard Retreats
1-877-HOPE-4-ME (1-877-467-3463)
Men's Page -
* SaveOne
* Victims of Choice
Elizabeth Verchio
PO Box 815
Naperville, IL 60566-0815
* National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing
1-800-5WE-CARE (1-800-593-2273)
* Project Rachel (Pregnancy Loss Outreach of the Catholic Church)
* Healing Hearts Ministries (on-line e-mail emotional support)
* Safe Haven Ministries (on-line message board emotional support)
* Ramah International
* Rapha (refers to licensed counselors)
* American Victims of Abortion
202-626-8800 x132
* Word of Hope
Last Harvest Ministries - links to a variety of after-abortion related help.

Men’s Support & Recovery

* Pro-Life Joes
Primarily a resource for men.
* Fathers and Brothers Ministry
Helping hurting men heal from their abortion losses
777 Panorama Ct.
Boulder, CO 80303
Training manual and bible study guide available at:
* Life Issues
* Fatherhood Forever Foundation
3121 E. Greenway Road #303
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone: 602-334-7651
Fax: 602-485-3932
* Rachel's Vineyard MEN
1-877-HOPE-4-ME (1-877-467-3463)


* Abortion Recovery Counseling (So. California)
Stacy Massey: 949-679-9276


* A Choice to Heal
Individual Counseling and Healing Workshops
P.O. Box 674
Colchester, CT. 06415


* Reveille Ministry


* Hope Rising Post-Abortion Ministry, Inc
Contact Susanna Brennan or Joanne McDuffee.
PO Box 158, Boston , MA 02128 , 617-953-4891

NY (Tri-State area)

* Lumina


* Bethesda, The House of Mercy
Provides a community of healing and a sanctuary of hope for persons wounded by abortion. Contact
The Community of Jesus, the Living Mercy
P.O. Box 274
Avon, OH 44011
(440) 777-3141
* Bethesda Healing Ministry
St. Margaret of Cortona Catholic Church
1600 N. Hague Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204
(614) 309-2651
(614) 718-0277


* Piedmont Women's Center
PO Box 26866
Greenville, SC 29616
Heather Bryan, ARA Administrator
* AbortionRecoveryAssistance Training Institute
Providing abortion recovery assistance to men and women who suffer from the trauma of abortion through the facilitated small group Bible studies, Forgiven and Set Free, and Healing a Father’s Heart by Linda Cochrane. Providing consulting services to post abortion ministries and an annual training institute held in Greenville, South Carolina. The AbortionRecoveryAssistance Training Institute will prepare you to develop or improve your post abortion ministry. It will provide step by step guidance for practical integration and application of the leader’s manual, Facilitating Biblical Healing, with the Bible study, Forgiven and Set Free. Judy Cooter and Jeannie Stoner have co-directed AbortionRecoveryAssistance since the founding of Piedmont Women's Center in 1991. Along with Carolyn Rice they co-authored the Facilitating Biblical Healing manual. The AbortionRecoveryAssistance Training Institute is instructed by Judy Cooter, Jeannie Stoner, and Linda Cochrane. Register online NOW at

A ministry of Piedmont Women's Center
P.O. Box 26866
Greenville, SC 29616


* Heartbeat International/CareNet Pregnancy Centers
1-800-395-HELP (1-800-395-4357)
* The Abortion Recovery International Network - Abortion Recovery International, Inc. - If you are looking for a list of after-abortion resources in your area, please visit: If there is nothing listed, please call 1-866-4-MY-RECOVERY. The Campaign encourages everyone who conducts, or knows of, after abortion healing programs to contact ARIN by visiting:
* Rachel's Vineyard Retreats
Men's Page -
* SaveOne
* After Abortion Canadian Helpline
Second Chance Ministry
* Silver Lion Ministries (for men and women)
12 Craglea Corner
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2C 4L2

Website Resources about Abortion Aftermath

Provides information about the impact of coercion and pressure from family and friends on abortion choice.
* Messengers2
Dr. Philip Ney, (250) 642-1848
* Elliot Institute
Dr. David Reardon
* National Memorial for the Unborn
* In Our Midst Ministries
* Rachel's Network
Contains after abortion research studies

Recommended Books

* You're Not Alone: Healing Through God's Grace After Abortion
This book is written by Silent No More Awareness Campaign’s national spokesperson, Jennifer O’Neill. It shares her abortion pain, as well as the stories of other women and gives a great description of the Campaign’s first national Gathering in Washington DC, 2003. We highly recommend this book.
by Jennifer O'Neill
ISBN: 0757301681
Published by: Faith Communications

Recommended Reading for Someone Wanting to Address Post-Abortion Ministry in Churches:

* Building Bridges
By Mary Comm
ISBN Number 978-1-60037-410-4
Published by: Morgan James Publishing, LLC, 1225 Franklin Ave., Ste. 325, Garden City, NY, 11530-1693
Toll Free 800-485-4943

* Secret Sin
by Mary Comm
ISBN Number: 1600371485
Published by: Morgan James Publishing, LLC, 1225 Franklin Ave., Ste. 325, Garden City, NY, 11530-1693
Toll Free 800-485-4943

Recommended reading for someone seeking healing:

* A Solitary Sorrow
by Teri Reisser, M.S., M.F.T with Paul Reisser, M.D.
ISBN Number: 0-87788-774-8
Published by: WaterBrook Press, 2375 Telstar Dr., Suite 160, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
* Abortion & Healing, A Cry To Be Whole
by Fr. Michael T. Mannion
ISBN Number: 0-934134-35-9
Published by: Sheed & Ward, 115 E. Armour Blvd., PO Box 419492, Kansas City, MO 64141, 1-800-333-7373
* Abortion Recovery Facilitator Guidebook and My Abortion Guilt, Grief and Shame Is Ending Soon.
by Victims Of Choice, Inc.
Order through
A guidebook for those desiring to address the pain of abortion in women using a one-on-one, Christian, Therapy Model.. The guidebook is both a training tool and the recovery program. On site training is available by Victims Of Choice.
* Forgiven and Set Free
by Linda Cochrane
ISBN Number: 0-8010-5723-X
Published by: Baker Books, PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
* Healing a Father's Heart
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* Her Choice to Heal
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* I'll Hold You in Heaven
by Jack Hayford
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* I'll Hold You in Heaven Remembrance Book
By Debbie Heydrick
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* Into The Light
by Nicole W. Cooley
ISBN Number: 978-1-4141-1064-6
Published by: Pleasant Word (a division of Wine Press Publishing, PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022)
Georgette Forney wrote the forward for the book, Into The Light. This is what she had to say about it: Into The Light is an incredibly courageous book. Nicole’s willingness to honestly discuss rape, abortion, pornography addiction and many other painful experiences is a testimony of God’s strength working in broken people. Every person who reads this book can connect with some part of her story and learn as Nicole did more about God’s healing grace. I strongly recommend this book for everyone; it teaches us to have more compassion for one another and encourages us to face our traumas.
* Life After Abortion - Healing Leadership Guide Video and Workbook/Guide.
by Jennifer O'Neill
* Redeeming a Father's Heart
by Kevin Burke, LSW, David Wemhoff & Marvin Stockwell
ISBN Number: 9781434313676
* SaveOne: A Guide to Emotional Healing After Abortion
by Sheila Harper
ISBN Number: 0-9742051-0-9
Published by: SaveOne, 1-866-329-3571
The Four Steps to Healing-Non-Denominational Edition
By Martha Shuping, M.D. and Debbie McDaniel, M.A. LPC
ISBN-13: 978-0972876940
Published by: Tabor Garden Press
Order single copies from for $12.99.
Order a single copy or inquire about a quantity discount for multiple copies through

If you or someone you care about has experienced the pain of unresolved grief after abortion, you know how hard it can be to find help. Magazines and talk shows offer advice on nearly every topic, yet it’s rare to see a headline for post-abortion recovery. The Four Steps to Healing sheds new light on an issue that has touched the lives of many but is talked about by few. The myth of abortion as a “selfish” choice is dispelled here by illustrations of women who chose abortion out of concern for everyone’s need but their own. Many who suffer from post-abortion grief are, in fact, caring nurturers, helpers by nature who take spiritual matters seriously. To address the specific needs of those who ling to reconnect and go further in their faith, The Four Steps to Healing is available in both Catholic and non-denominational versions. Filled with practical suggestions, prayers and stories of hope, it is a resource for those who want to be healed and for those who want help.
* The Four Steps to Healing-Catholic Edition
by Martha Shuping, M.D. and Debbie McDaniel, M.A. LPC
ISBN-13: 978-0972876926
Published by : Tabor Garden Press
Order single copies from for $12.99.
Order a single copy or inquire about a quantity discount for multiple copies through
* Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts, and they suffer severe consequences. Surrendering the Secret is a powerful new study in the best-selling Picking Up the Pieces series. Author Pat Layton, founder and president of A Woman's Place Ministries, Inc., helps women find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences and caring community.
Book Title: Surrendering the Secret
Author: Pat Layton
Publisher: LifeWay (2008)
ISBN-10: 1415864691
ISBN-13: 978-1415864692

Recommended reading for someone looking for more information on affects of abortion:

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* Psycho-Spiritual Healing After Abortion
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ISBN Number: 0-9648957-1-4
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ISBN Number: 0-920453-22-8
Published by: The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, 3089 Bathurst St., Suite 316, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6A 2A

Recommended reading for someone seeking fictional stories:

* Reconciled
By Elisabeth Grace Daniel
2006, Xulon Press
ISBN 978-1-60266-482-1
If you have wondered what a pregnancy center is all about, this book will help you better understand the complexities involved in a crisis situation through the fictional stories of three different couples and how they are ministered to by their local Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center and how God can move and protect and restore human life.
* Forgiven Much
by Leslie T. Dean
ISBN 1 60034 749 5
This novel brings to life the Mary Magdalene you have never met. Dean imagines Mary’s life as one of desperate hopelessness woven with stories of the bible and shows us how to live a life of biblical purity regardless of our past.
* Heart of Stone
by Mia Vanduran
ISBN 1 59781 146 7
In this novel, we meet Samantha, a recovering alcoholic dealing with the reality of post-abortive stress. She is sorry for the choice she made and knows that while God forgives her, Aaron Eagle, a Lakota and her ex-fiancé might not. Years earlier, Samantha aborted Aaron's baby without telling him she was pregnant. Now, years later we learn that they still have feelings for each other and find that there is healing in forgiveness.
* If You Were Mine
by Cynthia Scott Hutchinson
ISBN 1 4259 3777 2
As you read this fictional story, you will come to care for Jenny as she deals with a very real and very painful consequence of having an abortion as a college student. It is a love story turned tragic that delivers hope for Jenny and for the millions of others who have lived through their own heartache and despair.

Recommended reading for someone seeking abortion testimonies:

* Forgiven: Finding Peace in the Aftermath of Abortion
by Christina Ryan Claypool
ISBN Number: 0-7880-2112-5
Published by: New Creation Ministries
Order at Amazon
* From Fallen To Forgiven
by Jennifer O'Neill
ISBN Number: 0-8499-1715-8
* Real Abortion Stories
Edited by Barbara Horak
* Silent No More
by Sister Anne Sophie
ISBN 1 57918 269 0
Sister Sophie is our Regional Coordinator in Corpus Christi, Texas. In her book, she shares her powerful testimony that will help you find the courage to stand as a witness to a world in need of the Gospel of Life.
* Surviving Myself
ISBN Number: 0-688-15992-3
* You Aren't Alone, The Voices of Abortion
by Peggy Kirk, M.A.
ISBN 1-57733-113-3
Published by: Blue Dolphin Publishing, P.O. Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959, 1-800-643-0765

Recommended DVDs

* Silent No More Awareness Campaign presents,
The Truth about Abortion: Experience vs. Rhetoric,
by The Silent No More Awareness Campaign
Produced in house and can be purchased through the Campaign
* Tilly
produced by Anchor Educational Foundation
can be purchased through Heritage House at

Recommended CDs


We Can Change the World
Produced by Trish Short for Artists for Life Foundation
"We can change the world is blessed with haunting, memorable music and crisp, intelligent lyrics which speak from the very heart of the tragedy of the loss of a child through abortion." - Dr. Theresa Burke

The Choice
One woman's journey through abortion, mourning and spiritual healing
Project Grace -

Healing After the Choice
By Michael John Poirier
The popular singer/songwriter focuses on the themes of healing and forgiveness, especially for those affected by abortion. Includes 17 selections, total time 72 minutes.

Men and Women Both Suffer From Abortion

At htt:// is a place where men as well as women can go.

Men suffer too in very similar ways as the women. Men may have been a part of the abortion or had no say. Contact the link above, just in case you might need them.

Help Norm Coleman -- Farse by Al Franken and Harry Reid

As you know, the contest phase of the Minnesota recount started this week. It is critical that every valid vote is counted. We believe that a fair and transparent process will return Norm Coleman to the Senate. Unfortunately, Al Franken and Harry Reid have tried to short circuit the process at every turn.

In addition, liberal blogs and activists have followed Franken and Reid’s lead and injected overwhelmingly negative commentary on numerous Web sites, including those in Minnesota.

We need your help. We must ensure that our voices are heard and everyone understands just how important it is that Republicans have 42 Senators in the 111th Congress.

Below, we’ve listed a number of links to Minnesota media outlets where your voice can be heard. Please take a moment to post your comments in support of Norm Coleman and every valid vote counting on these Web sites.

Thank you for your help and commitment!

Cyrus Krohn
RNC E-Campaign Director

Or send an email to:

MN NEWS (Note: the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune are the two most widely read in the state.)

Fr. Tom Euteneuer Responds to Nancy Pelosi Re Children Economic Drain

Pelosi attempts to justify funding for contraception in economic stimulus package

Washington DC, Jan 26, 2009 / 07:16 pm (CNA).- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a Sunday interview tried to justify the inclusion of hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for contraceptives in the $825 billion economic stimulus package by claiming family planning services “reduce cost.”

Speaker Pelosi made her comments in an appearance on ABC’s This Week with host George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked how the expansion of “family planning services” could be considered an economic stimulus. The Speaker replied:

“Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”

Stephanopoulos responded, “So no apologies for that?”

“No apologies. No,” Speaker Pelosi replied. “We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.”

Speaker Pelosi is a self-described Catholic. However, Catholic teaching considers contraceptive use an intrinsic evil.

The “family planning services” in the stimulus package “would expand federal funding for contraception through Medicaid, allowing those not poor enough to be currently eligible for Medicaid to nonetheless qualify for the contraception aid,” reports

The article goes on to explain that the Clinton administration created a program allowing individual states to “seek a waiver to offer Medicaid ‘family planning’ services to those who are otherwise not qualified for Medicaid.” Once the state receives the waiver, “the federal government matches state Medicaid family planning funds with $9 in federal money for every $1 the state spends.”

Under Pelosi’s provision, states would not need to apply for the waiver to receive the 9-1 federal contraception funding. also reported that even the White House has backed away from Pelosi saying that the family planning provision was not President Obama’s idea.

Father Tom Euteneur of Human Life International also criticized Speaker Pelosi’s economic reasoning.

“She presents as self-evident the idea that children are a hindrance to improving states' economies. Lies don't become truth by repeating them, they only become more acceptable,” he commented to CNA.

“The problem is, however, that it is sick. We must never reduce a human being to his or her economic value. The Speaker is no more ‘Catholic’ than she is an economic expert,” he charged.

“What she and her fellow anti-life crusaders are doing is trying to sneak their destructive ideology into law by convincing the ignorant that it is fiscally necessary,” he continued. “‘Never waste a crisis,’ is how Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's new Chief of Staff put it.

“When people are scared, they'll agree to almost anything that is presented as a solution to their problem, even if, as is the case here, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with economic stimulus. This is an insult to both the intelligence and the moral consciences of the people she is supposed to represent.”

Even if Speaker Pelosi could prove that having fewer children is a net benefit for the economy, Father Euteneur said the moral cost of contraception must also be considered.

According to Father Euteneur, Russian demographics provide a cautionary example.

“Look at Russia, the birthplace of the progressive ideal of widely available contraception and abortion. Their birthrate is now the lowest in the developed world. There are more abortions than live births in Russia and they can't seem to change people's minds back to the idea of having children.

“Their society is crumbling as the few young people they have decide they don't want to pay for their elders' care, or they simply leave. Russia, once the bright light of the future for "progressives", now is evidence of what this deep spiritual illness does when it is allowed to run amok in a formerly beautiful and rich Christian culture. Will we learn from their example and reject contraception and abortion as a solution to society's ills?”

He suggested that Planned Parenthood and its subsidies will be the obvious beneficiaries of the contraceptive funding.

“You'll also see increased promotion of contraception in state hospitals and in ‘education’ to young people in our schools,” he predicted.

“We are reminded time and again that the demons of abortion and contraception cannot be defeated by us in our political efforts alone.... It is going to require renewed prayer, fasting, and conversion of our hearts. We pray that it is not too late and we have hope based on our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ,” Father Euteneur’s e-mail to CNA concluded.

CNA also sought comment from Dr. William Luckey, former chairman of the Political Science and Economics Department at Christendom College and author of the CNA column “Indispensible Economics.”

Luckey asked how long Speaker Pelosi expects the recession to last.

“Children conceived today will be born 9 months from now. Does she think that the economy will be in recession then? How can she tell? So even if these plans went into effect today, which is impossible given the time Congress takes to do anything, the economic downturn will probably be reversed by then.”

He also stated that Speaker Pelosi appears to think that children are an economic burden to society. He said the number of children who use public services must be considered, wagering that they are only “a small minority.”

In the long run, Dr. Luckey said, “most every child born now grows up to be a positive contributor to society. People, with rare exceptions, produce more than they consume. If you cut back on the population, you cut back on production.”

He told CNA that many European countries are suffering demographic decline from birth control policies.

Finally, he asked, “where is the logic that says that if you take money from me to give to others so that they can have sexual pleasure without taking responsibility for it, the economy will be helped? Why not just let me keep my money in the first place to spend on more valuable things for my family?”

He called the contraception initiative “immoral” and “completely based in ignorance.”

“She is probably buying votes from the birth control lobby—and abortion will be next as a solution to our economic woes,” Dr. Luckey claimed.

March for Life Media Blackout -- Mom of 12 Shares Photos

Mother of 12 shares photo journal from National March for Life

Washington DC, Jan 28, 2009 / 06:27 am (CNA).- Becoming frustrated with the lack of media coverage of the National March for Life, writer and mother of 12, Barbara Curtis decided to create a photo journal on her blog to document the nearly 300,000 people defending the rights of the unborn.

The Virginia-area mother has released 477 photos displaying the diverse races, ages and religions of the pro-life movement on her blog website.

“The annual March for Life is the most under-reported event in the nation,” she explains on her blog. “This is my fourth year redressing the lack of Dinosaur Media coverage with an online photo journal. If a picture says a thousand words, then people can see the truth about Pro-Lifers here: a dazzlingly diverse movement filled with youth, vitality and joy.”

She also recalls 2007 and 2008, when the number of supporters was nearly 200,000. Prior to the recent march, “we wondered what would happen in 2009 - two days following the inauguration of the most proudly pro-abortion president in this sad episode of our nation's history. This year there were 300,000!”

On the site,, those who attended the March last Thursday in Washington, D.C. can find photos of their groups. “I stood on a column in front of the Department of Labor for 2 1/2 hours shooting over 700 pictures. I have cut them to 477 - preserving such a large number for the sake of documentation and so that marchers can find their groups.”

Along with being active in the pro-life movement, Curtis is also a writer and cares for 12 children ranging from 8 to 39. Her three youngest children are adopted and have Down’s Syndrome like one of their older brothers. She explained to CNA, “While I’m old enough to be a grandmother - and do have 12 grandchildren so far - I am energized and excited about the younger generations, so being at the March with so many young people gives me great hope for the future!”

To view photos of the 2009 March for Life, visit:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

By Bishop Robert J. Hermann, Archdiocesan Administrator, St. Louis Archdiocese

Bishop Hermann: 'I thought you should know’

By Bishop Robert J. Hermann, Archdiocesan Administrator

January 27, 2009 ( - I was very edified this past Saturday to see the Cathedral almost filled for the Pro-Life Mass. Then to see such a large contingent, on a very cold day, make a pilgrimage to the abortion clinic, praying the Rosary for Life, was truly heartwarming.

At the very moment I am writing this, our new president, Barack Obama, is being sworn into office. We congratulate him, and we pray for him, but we cannot condone his pro-death policies, even while we are happy that so many people feel they have new hope. We must do everything we can to oppose his pro-death-to-children efforts.

Joseph Bottum, in an article entitled "Abortion after Obama," writing in the January 2009 edition of First Things, pages 13-15, tells us, "Now the 2008 election has brought us the presidency of Barack Obama, the most consistent supporter of legalized abortion ever nominated by a majority party."

When asked about making decisions as to when a baby gets human rights, President Obama answered that "is above my pay grade." He also stated that he would not want his daughters "punished with a baby."

He has made it known that, upon taking office, he will remove all federal restrictions on funding embryonic stem-cell research. He also intends to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Seldom has our nation ever been confronted with such an extreme measure. The Freedom of Choice Act will invalidate for the entire country all restrictions on abortion before viability, including parental notification, waiting periods and partial-birth abortion bans. President Obama has no problem supporting legislation that would even kill a child who survived a botched abortion.

If at this stage our anger is directed at President Obama, our anger is misdirected. Obama is not the enemy. He needs and deserves our prayers, not our condemnation.

As Catholics, we are not guiltless. It seems to me that when President Kennedy compromised Catholic teachings and accommodated political pressures in order to be elected to the highest office in the land, he set the tone for many Catholic leaders to follow and to compromise their Catholic principles to get ahead.

In our Supreme Court and in our Congress, we have a plethora of so-called Catholics who are failing to live their Catholic identity. Over 50 percent of our electorate voted for a president who is one of the most pro-culture-of-death candidates from a major party to run for the highest office of the land.

Yes, we can thank one-half of our Catholics for bailing out on their faith!

After almost 50 years of having 50 percent of Catholics abandoning their Catholic identity, we cannot expect to turn this culture around by short-term political efforts.

In order to bring about a transformation from a culture of death to a culture of life, we have to restore our Catholic identity.

This means that all of us, as Catholics, have to undergo a profound transformation. It means that we have to take a good look at every facet of our Catholic life, including the serious study of life issues, the regular and devout use of our Sacramental system, especially the devout and weekly attendance at Mass, the regular reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the devout praying of the daily Rosary, and then the faithful, loving and firm witness to lax Catholics about our Catholic beliefs and practices.

We have to live our lives in such a way that we will be unafraid to witness to what we believe and live.

I may courageously say that I am willing to die to end abortion, but am I equally willing to say that I am ready to let my ego get ruffled daily for the same cause? Yet … that is where I need to arrive if I am to be a credible witness.

What a glorious opportunity we all have to make a difference in the pro-life cause. Until we are willing to be politically incorrect in order to be biblically correct, we will never convince anyone that our religion is worth living.

It does not take 100 percent of our Catholics to transform this country. If 75 percent of our Catholics were steeped in Catholic identity, the abortion issue would be over for our entire country. We have many, many evangelicals on our side in the culture of life. Look at how many more of them would flock to our side if we really lived our Catholic teachings! They, too, are looking for changeless principles lived out in practice.

But there is more! Our laxity in living our Catholic life has blinded us into not seeing the role of Satan in the culture of death. Satan is having a heyday in our midst, because he has managed to remain invisible in the culture of death, and our laxity has granted him that luxury. Since we are not steeped in the Word of God as we should be, we do not recognize his darkness in our society. Our first reading from Hebrews tells us, "The word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart."

St. Paul tells us that our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against the power and principles of darkness. He also tells us that we should not let the sun go down upon our anger so as to give Satan a foothold. These readings are wake-up calls for us all. I bring this up deliberately, because I do not want us to fall into Satan's trap of getting us to hate President Obama or any of the pro-choice Catholic legislators in Congress. Being pro-life means that we engage far more in spiritual warfare than in political warfare.

That Satan is very alive in influencing all of us is his best-kept secret. Becoming steeped in the Word of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church exposes his evil machinations.

President Obama, pro-choice legislators and Planned Parenthood are not our enemies. Our enemies are the invisible forces masked behind these people. Most of them do not have a clue that they are being deceived by our common enemy, the devil. They are used by our common enemy, Satan, and his evil forces, to get us to hate so that we, too, will end up in a culture of death. President Obama and all pro-choice and pro-abortion legislators, as well as members supporting Planned Parenthood (and we have in our own state a national legislator who has received over $900,000 from groups that advocate for abortion rights) — these are not our enemies. They are used by the evil one to get us to hate them in our efforts to be pro-life and thereby ditch our pro-life efforts. We cannot fall for that trap!

We owe all of them prayers and fasting for their conversion. At one point, Gov. Reagan was California's very pro-abortion governor. Yet he became a very pro-life president. He repented and regretted the evil he supported.

We must bravely witness against supporting pro-choice and pro-abortion candidates in political elections, but pray daily for their conversion.

Contraception by Patrick Madrid

Please link to the above blog by Patrick Madrid. A blog everyone needs to see, especially if you are contracepting.

Missouri Senate to Consider Resolution Calling on Congress to Reject Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that Threatens Missouri Pro-Life Laws -- Fight FOCA *Now*

Missouri Senate to Consider Resolution Calling on Congress to Reject Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that Threatens Missouri Pro-Life Laws

Congress is confronting one of the most serious threats to unborn human life in the federal Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). In simplest terms, if enacted, FOCA would abolish essentially all restrictions and limitations on abortion, both at the federal and state level.

FOCA is concurrently introduced in the U.S. Senate and the U.S House. Neither of Missouri senators co-sponsored the legislation, but Missouri Representatives William "Lacy" Clay and Russ Carnahan co-sponsored the House legislation. President Barack Obama promised during his election campaign that he would sign the FOCA into law, promising at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event in 2007:

"I've stood up for the freedom of choice in the United States Senate ... There will always be people, many of goodwill, who do not share my view on the issue of choice. On this fundamental issue, I will not yield ... the first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do. "

FOCA defines abortion before viability as a "fundamental" right - something that goes beyond even the original 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

In Roe, the Supreme Court ruled that women have a constitutional right to privacy that encompasses abortion, but that the states may act within limits to protect health, medical standards, and prenatal life. Over the past 35 years, a wide range of abortion regulations have been enacted by Congress and the Missouri General Assembly and upheld by the courts as not running afoul of the Court's decision in Roe. All of these pro-life protections are now in danger!

Passage of FOCA could invalidate numerous pro-life laws, including:

* The Hyde Amendment that restricts taxpayer funding of abortion
* Laws that require a woman's decision to have an abortion be an informed decision
* Laws that require that a parent be informed before their minor child has an abortion
* Laws requiring that abortions only be performed by licensed physicians
* Abortion clinic regulations
* Government programs and facilities that pay for or provide childbirth or other health care services need not pay for abortions
* Laws protecting the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, and hospitals
* Laws requiring a waiting period before an abortion is performed
* Laws preventing post-viability sex-selection abortions
* Laws requiring that abortion providers maintain records of abortions performed

FOCA also prevents government from discriminating or treating abortion differently in government benefits, facilities, or services. As a result, legislation that funds alternatives to abortion but not abortion itself could be considered discriminatory against abortion. Also public hospitals that provide services related to childbirth but not abortion could be considered discriminatory.

FOCA gives persons the ability to file a lawsuit for any violation of FOCA. A person could file a lawsuit against a physician for refusing to perform an abortion. Conscience laws protecting individuals, businesses or religious institutions from performing abortions might no longer be enforceable.

The Fallacy of Fewer Abortions

FOCA supporters argue that removing restrictions on abortion will actually decrease the number of abortions. According to the pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America, there are seven states that have enacted FOCA-type laws. But enacting FOCA did not lead to a decrease in abortions in these states. In contrast in Missouri, where no FOCA-type law has been enacted but instead strong pro-life protections have been put into place, Missouri's abortion rate has remained significantly below the national average.

What can be done?

Missouri needs to send a strong message to Congress to reject FOCA. Soon parishes across the state will participate in a campaign designed to send thousands of postcards to Missouri's Congressional delegation urging the defeat of FOCA. But another strong message needs to be sent by our Missouri General Assembly. The Missouri State Senate is considering a resolution that calls on Missouri's Congressional delegation to reject FOCA. Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 11 is sponsored by Sen. Matt Bartle (R-Lee's Summit) and co-sponsored by twenty-one other state senators. The resolution awaits approval by the Senate Rules Joint Resolutions and Ethics Committee, chaired by Sen. Kevin Engler (R-Farmington), before being referred to the entire Senate for debate.

Action Requested: Contact your State Senator TODAY! (See contact information in the upper left section of this e-mail.)

The Message: Urge support for SCR 11 calling on Missouri's Congressional delegation to reject enactment of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Tell your State Senator that passage of FOCA would overturn many of Missouri's pro-life laws. Mention some of the laws listed above that could be invalidated if FOCA is enacted.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vatican Denounces Obama Administration's Decision to Fund Pro-Abortion Groups

Vatican Denounces Obama Administration's Decision to Fund Pro-Abortion Groups

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

ROME, January 25, 2009 ( - Vatican officials have denounced US President Barack Obama's decision to sign an executive order last week allowing funding for foreign organizations that provide abortions and abortion referrals.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said that "if this is one of President Obama's first acts, I have to say, in all due respect, that we're heading quickly toward disappointment."

“It is essential to know how to listen to all of the requests of the country without shutting one's self up in an ideological vision with the arrogance of thinking that having power means the power over life and death," he said.

Archbishop Elio Sgreccia, the retired president of the same institution, told the Italian press that "among so many good things that could have been done, Obama has selected the worst: that which does not prevent the massacre of the innocent."

"It's a heavy blow," he continued, "and not just for us Catholics. The right to life is the first to protect and defend."

L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's principal newspaper, denounced the decision as "very disappointing, an error on the road to defend human life and the dignity of every person."

Under the Bush administration, funding abortion providers overseas was prohibited in accordance with the "Mexico City Policy," originally established by Ronald Reagan. The policy, so-named because it was formulated in a 1984 conference in Mexico City, sought to prevent US funds from indirectly paying for abortions.

Although direct funding of abortions with US taxpayer dollars is currently illegal, organizations that perform abortions can now use government funds to indirectly finance abortions by simply shifting resources from programs that receive the funding to those that terminate the lives of unborn children.

The Obama administration's decision to rescind the Mexico City Policy will make large quantities of US foreign aid dollars available to groups that provide or refer for abortions, especially in Africa.

Obama Promises to Fund Coercive China One-Child Policy Collaborator UNFPA

Obama Promises to Fund Coercive China One-Child Policy Collaborator UNFPA

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 26, 2009 ( - Following on the heels of the elimination of the Mexico City Policy, President Obama has confirmed that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which helped instigate, perpetuate and enforce China's coercive one-child policy, will again receive taxpayer dollars.

Appended to the statement announcing the end of the Mexico City Policy, Obama said: "In addition, I look forward to working with Congress to restore U.S. financial support for the U.N. Population Fund.

"By resuming funding to UNFPA, the U.S. will be joining 180 other donor nations working collaboratively to reduce poverty, improve the health of women and children, prevent HIV/AIDS and provide family planning assistance to women in 154 countries." The move came as no surprise as Obama has spoken out in favor of UNFPA funding in the past.

President Bush halted funding for UNFPA when it was discovered by an independent investigation in 2001, and confirmed by a U.S. State Department investigation in 2002, that the UN group supported restrictive laws and coercive population control tactics in China, including forced abortion and sterilization.

"The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has decided to continue to provide financial and technical assistance to the Chinese birth limitation program under the direction of China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission," read a 2006 statement from U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

It continued: "The U.S. opposition to this program is a matter of principle. It is not directed at UNFPA as an institution. Rather, it is based on the strong opposition of the United States to human rights abuses associated with coercive birth limitation regimes." The statement, however, was recently erased from the State Department website.

Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2002 confirmed the link between UNFPA and China's coercive population control policies following a Population Research Institute (PRI) probe (

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Fight FOCA -- Short and Sweet

How easy can it be? This easy....just HAND write below and mail a letter to your governor, your rep and your senator and anyone else you feel called to send it to. By the way..handwritten is far more noticed than an email.

Dear Rep.... or Sen...(name)

At this time of serious national challenges, Americans should unite to serve the good of all, born and unborn. The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), the most radical and divisive pro-abortion bill ever introduced in Congress, would create a "fundamental right" to abortion that government could not limit but would have to support. FOCA would overturn many existing widely-supported policies, including laws protecting parental involvement and conscience rights and those preventing partial-birth abortion and taxpayer funding of abortion.

Please oppose FOCA or any similar measure, and retain laws against federal funding and promotion of abortion. As your constituent, I would appreciate a written response telling me how you would vote on these matters.

Sign - then print your name, address, city, state and zip code.

Pelosi on Children: They're An Economic Drain

This is far more than just a flip thing that Ms. Pelosi said...this is the core of her thinking, of who she really is. As well as it reflects the present administration of the culture of death.

January 26, 2009



Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that it was necessary to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on family planning services in order to stimulate the economy. Pelosi maintained that “contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Looks like the Democrats have abortion and contraception on the brain. Last week, President Barack Obama lifted restrictions on federal funds being used to promote and perform abortions overseas. Now we have Pelosi arguing that the way to balance the budget is not by cutting expenditures, but by cutting kids. Her comment matches up well with what Obama said during the presidential campaign about comprehensive sex education: speaking of his own daughters, he said that ‘if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.’ (My emphasis.)

“We have reached a new low when high-ranking public office holders in the federal government cast children as the enemy. But at least it explains their enthusiasm for abortion-on-demand.”

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pastor Luke Robinson AMEN !

At March, Black Pastor Warns Obama not to Preside over “Genocide” of American Blacks

Pastor Luke RobinsonWASHINGTON, DC, January 23, 2009 ( – The most well received speech at the March for Life this year was that of an African American pastor from Frederick Maryland. Pastor Luke Robinson began noting that the election of the first African American President of the United States was a fulfillment of “part” of the “Dream” of Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.

Speaking of the inauguration of the “first black President” of the United States, Pastor Robinson explained: “So many African Americans and other folks cried and shouted because the inauguration was part of the deferred dream come true.” But, he added, “we come here to deal with some unfinished business as it relates to the ‘dream’.”

Then, using Barack Obama’s own rhetoric, Pastor Robinson used the phrase “We need change now more than ever” which would accentuate the rest of his talk.

“We are calling on the President of Change, President Barack Obama,” he said, “to be an agent of change as it relates to the lives of over one million children who will be slaughtered in this, his first year as President, by a horrible practice called abortion and ‘a woman’s right to choose’.”

The most striking portion of Robinson’s speech came as he begged Obama not to preside over the genocide of African Americans. “We need change Mr. President because every day about 4000 babies die by abortion. Every day Mr. President, people with your ethnic background any my ethnic background die in astounding numbers. Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans in this country.”

“We make up about 12% of the population and about 34% of all abortions are black babies. In the last 36 years over 17 million African American babies have died by abortion alone. We need to change this picture. We need to stop this slaughter of the innocent preborn.

“Please Mr. President, be that agent of change that can commute the sentence of over 1400 African American children and over 3000 children from other ethnic groups sentenced to die every day in this country by abortion.”

“We need change and we need it now.”

“I pray with so many others,” he said, “that your administration will preside over the end to abortion and to the black genocide in America.”

“At the conclusion of your term in office, may it never be said that you presided over the largest slaughter of innocent children in the history of the country and that African Americans became an ever increasing minority under your hand.”


Gardasil - 18 Dead, Thousands Suffer Complications
Growing opposition and flat sales trigger Gardasil manufacturer Merck stock sell-off

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

July 8, 2008 ( - The public interest group Judicial Watch recently obtained more than 8,000 reports, under the US Freedom of Information law, of adverse events in girls and young women after they were injected with the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The reports reveal everything from massive wart outbreaks to seizures, paralysis and death.

Ten deaths have been reported since September 2007, bringing the total to 18 since the vaccine was approved for use in 2006.

In this year there have been 140 reported "serious" complications, 27 of which were categorized as "life-threatening," as well as ten spontaneous abortions and six cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a very rare (1 in 100,000 in a healthy population) immune response to foreign antigens such as infectious agents or vaccines, that paralyzes the afflicted person.

"Given all the questions about Gardasil, the best public health policy would be to reevaluate its safety and to prohibit its distribution to minors. In the least, governments should rethink any efforts to mandate or promote this vaccine for children," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of REAL Women of Canada commented on the lack of proper testing before Gardasil was pushed through the approval process and the consequences of its widespread use.

"The long-term consequences of Gardasil are not known. The manufacturer admits this and agrees it does not know its effect on young girls' cancer risk, on their immunity system, on their reproductive system, or its genetic effects. In due course, we will know this, possibly in twenty or thirty years from now when these young girls, the innocent subjects of the Gardasil experiment have become grown women and then report the consequences of their having taken the medication in their childhood on medical advice."

Cynthia Janak, a freelance journalist and researcher, reported to the American Life League that she found evidence in the FDA's documentation that they knew that HPV is not the actual cause of cervical cancer but that the actual cause is a "persistent HPV infection that may act as a tumor promoter in cancer induction."

Janak explains: "What we have here is proof that there is scientific evidence that has been published in the past 15 years that states that HPV infection does not bear a direct relationship to the forming of cervical cancer. It also tells us that HPV, if allowed to will be taken care of by our own body's natural processes. . ."most infections are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer." With this being said, why do we need Gardasil when our own body is more than capable of eradicating HPV? What we need is a government policy to assist women with the cost of getting follow-up tests when persistent HPV infection is present. This would make more sense and our government would save so much money on these types of programs instead of $360 each for the Gardasil vaccination."

The Judicial Watch press release concluded that "It could well be that the vaccine may not do a thing to protect anyone from cervical cancer, regardless of the claims being made by Merck Pharmaceutical. What the vaccine is causing is death and immense suffering among those who have been vaccinated."

After CBS News ran a story about the reported side effects of Gardasil, citing the 8,000 adverse event reports and giving details of a few serious complications - seizures, chronic pain, paralysis, and death from blood clots, the Wall Street Journal reported that Merck & Co.'s shares dropped 4.8% triggering a sell-off of the company's stock and a downgrade of their rating on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Eight Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset by Former Atheist/Former Die-Hard Pro-Abortion Woman

by Jennifer Fulwiler

I once said that I'd die to keep abortion legal and easily accessible, and I meant it. I was vehemently pro-choice, as were most of the women in my social circles. We believed abortion was a critical right for women and could not imagine how anyone could be pro-life. We were products of a culture in which human sexuality had been severed from its inherent connection to the creation of human life. Our generation had been taught in our public school sex-ed classes not that sex creates babies, but that unprotected sex creates babies. We were assured that the creation of new human life was tangential to sexual activity, something that was not only optional but completely controllable. In fact, babies were considered downright antithetical to sex.

In my life as a young adult I knew many women who had abortions, and in every case their attitudes regarding their pregnancies were ultimately the same: "I didn't sign up for this." Society had assured them that sex did not have to have life-altering consequences, and their unplanned pregnancies came as unwelcome surprises. In this panicked frame of mind they -- and those of us who supported them -- were susceptible to the pro-abortion message that their babies were nothing more than "tissue," that abortion was merely "pregnancy termination" and not the taking of a human life.

After a religious conversion that led me to the Catholic Church, I began to rethink my pro-choice position. Specifically, the Church's teaching on human sexuality reshaped my worldview in such a radical way that, for the first time, I was able to take an honest look at what abortion really is. The Church's teaching that sex intrinsically contains the possibility of creating new human life released the pressure that the contraceptive mentality had put on me to see babies as enemies. Once I saw abortion for what it was, I could hardly believe that I ever supported such a procedure. It is a testament to the power of the contraceptive mentality that for so many years I managed to ignore the reality of my beliefs.

Below are eight statements that I believed when I was in favor of abortion, along with suggestions for how you might respond to those who hold similar views. And remember: Most people who favor abortion need to re-think human sexuality before they can be in a mindset to really "hear" the arguments against abortion.

1. "Sex is primarily for pleasure."

This deep misunderstanding about the nature of human sexuality is one of the key driving forces behind the modern abortion movement. When women accept the "truth" that sex only has as much meaning as they want it to, that it is not inherently a sacred and tremendously powerful act, they are set up for disaster. This is like saying that loaded guns can be used as toys so long as you put blanks in the chamber: To misunderstand such a significant act on such a fundamental level is a recipe for catastrophe.

In particular, the belief that the life-giving potential for sex is controllable and optional leaves women feeling shocked and trapped when new life is unexpectedly created -- and extremely vulnerable to lies that would dehumanize the new life within their wombs.

A 2004 study showed that the vast majority of women who had abortions said that they did so either because having a baby would dramatically change their lives or because they didn't think they could afford a child. In our society, those conditions are not considered reasons not to have sex; they're reasons not to have a baby. When you think about the glaring disconnect between the concepts of sexual activity and creating new life, it's easy to see how this mindset fuels the pro-abortion mentality.

As long as people believe that it is perfectly acceptable to engage in sexual activity even when they think a baby would ruin their lives, the temptation to dehumanize and disregard new life will win out. In order to foster a pro-life culture we must help women see that it is not the new life that traps them, but the lie that sex can be severed from its life-giving potential in the first place.

2. "Contraception prevents abortion."

According to the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, only 8 percent of women who have abortions have never used contraception, and more than half were using contraception when they conceived the pregnancies that they sought to abort. It is the widespread acceptance of contraception that allows societies to delude themselves into believing that sex is no big deal; and when women engage in sexual activity with that mentality, they are utterly unprepared to deal with huge, life-changing responsibilities like pregnancy, childbirth, and babies. Both statistics and basic reason show that contraception is not a cure for abortion, but a cause.

3. "It's not a baby."

It's critical to understand that your pro-choice friends and family members are not in favor of killing babies -- nobody would ever support such a terrible thing. Our culture has assured abortion supporters that the heartbeat stopped during abortion belongs only to a fetus, a sub-human organism. Terminology is key in the pro-abortion mentality: Dehumanizing words like "fetus" or "clump of cells" or "mass of tissue" allow people to tell themselves that abortion is not the taking of human life.

Encourage abortion supporters to consider that even the youngest zygote meets the biological definition of being alive, contains a unique genetic code that has never existed before and will never exist again, and gets half of its genetic material from each of its parents. At conception, an extraordinary semi-replica of the mother and the father has been created. Also encourage them to look at photos available on sites like of babies in the womb -- or perhaps even the results of abortions at various stages of pregnancy -- to help them personalize those "fetuses" who are killed in abortions.

4. "Women should be able to choose."

The mentality that "women should be able to choose" assumes that the only women we should be concerned about are those who are already born. A good response to this question is, "Which women?" The ones in the womb, or the ones who are pregnant?

Once again, this comes down to terminology: Don't let the unborn child be rendered invisible in discussions about abortion. Whenever people's rights or choices come up in relation to abortion, be sure to ask if those same principles apply to people who are not yet born as well.

5. "The pro-choice position is a pro-woman position."

A New Zealand study of post-abortive women published in the Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology showed that "[women] having an abortion had elevated rates of subsequent mental health problems, including depression (46% increase), anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance use disorders." In addition to the depression and anxiety that plague many women for decades after their abortions, even abortion advocates can't deny that abortion is a violent procedure that is hard on a woman's body.

And this again demands the question, "Which women?" The born or the unborn? In fact, in many parts of the world, abortion is primarily used to kill unwanted baby girls. A true pro-woman position would help women avoid the trauma of abortion in the first place, and would respect all women -- including those still in their mothers' wombs.

6. "We should make every child a wanted child."

Abortion advocates often point to the plight of children living in the midst of poverty, abuse, or neglect and argue that abortion is important for limiting the number of children born into these difficult situations. But this is yet another argument where babies in the womb are treated as if they don't exist. It's important to point out that when new life is conceived, a child has already been brought into the situation. The way to make every child a wanted child is not to kill the ones we don't want, but to emphasize the importance of couples avoiding sexual activity if they're in a situation so dire that they couldn't welcome new life.

What's more, it's important not to elevate ourselves to the position of deciding whose lives are and aren't worth living. History is full of stories of those who were born into horrible circumstances but ended up living wonderful, fruitful lives.

7. "Some people aren't ready to be parents."

The myth of consequence-free sex lures many couples into engaging in sexual activity. They're then susceptible to the temptation of seeing abortion as a solution to any unwanted pregnancies.

Of course, this mentality -- once again -- treats new life as if it were merely theoretical. When a couple conceives a child, they have become parents whether they wanted to be or not; abortion doesn't change that.

8. "Pro-lifers only care about the unborn."

In the abortion debate, the rhetoric of the pro-life movement often focuses on the value of the unborn, simply because the primary disagreement is whether newly created children have rights. But the pro-life movement is also active in helping women in crisis pregnancies. Catholics are among the most vocal opponents of abortion, and with its hospitals, orphanages, maternity homes, and other aid programs, the Catholic Church is the largest non-governmental social-services provider in the world.

In addition, there are more than 2,300 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States today, most of which offer everything from lodging to baby supplies to job placement help for mothers facing difficult pregnancies. In fact, there are more crisis pregnancy centers in the country than there are abortion clinics. Claims that pro-lifers care less about the mothers than unborn babies can be easily refuted by looking at the number of resources available to pregnant women that are run by pro-life organizations.

The deep misunderstanding of human sexuality that pervades our culture laid the foundation not only for my own pro-choice views but for the abortion movement as a whole.

My own conversion on the issue is illustrative of what must happen in our culture as a whole in order to turn the tide for life: If our society is ever to respect the unborn, we must first respect and fully understand the nature of the act that creates those unborn lives in the first place. As long as the connection between sexual activity and its life-giving potential is severed, the temptation to devalue human life will win out.

Jennifer Fulwiler is the author of, where she writes about her experiences with Catholicism after a life of atheism.