Saturday, April 11, 2009

Illinois FOCA Dies On The House Floor

After "the Greatest Pro-Life Effort in Illinois Since Roe," FOCA Dies on House Floor

After Loss, ACLU Still Hiding Ball - During Debate with Executive Director Peter Breen on Local Radio, ACLU Attorney Claims, "This Bill is Not About Abortion"!

All Eyes Now Turn to 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for Decision on Parental Notice Law - Will Illinois Retain Its Title, "Abortion Capital of the Midwest"?
After thousands of calls, letters, faxes, and petitions from pro-lifers flooded the offices of Illinois legislators, the state House allowed the Illinois version of the "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) to die on the floor. Legislators felt enormous pressure during the debate from both sides. While the pro-life side relied on communications from citizens to their legislators, the anti-life side relied on their political action committee, "Personal PAC," which threatened to use its massive wealth to oppose legislators who opposed Illinois FOCA. However, in the end, legislators decided to risk Personal PAC's wrath instead of supporting this radical anti-life measure.

The initial version of the Illinois bill would have forced Catholic hospitals to assist patients in obtaining abortions, forced school districts to provide sex ed instruction to kindergarteners (including instruction on homosexual and transsexual relationships), publicly funded abortions and in-vitro fertilization for every person eligible for state medical assistance, and provided abortionists immunity from most malpractice claims.

One other impact of the bill would have been to repeal the Illinois Parental Notice Act, which is under Federal Court injunction. The Thomas More Society is facing off with the ACLU in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to have that injunction lifted. The matter is currently under consideration, with legal analysts expecting the Court's decision in the near future.


As part of the effort to defeat FOCA, TMS attorney and Executive Director, Peter Breen, recently debated an ACLU attorney on WVON radio in Chicago. When the host, Rep. LaShawn Ford, asked whether FOCA was an "abortion bill," the ACLU attorney refused to acknowledge that abortion had anything to do with it, saying instead that FOCA is only about "reproductive rights"!

While we don't want to pick a winner, let's just say that Peter did a great job in cutting through the ACLU "spin" and getting the cold hard facts about FOCA out to the WVON audience!


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