Friday, January 23, 2009

Messengers2 -- Take A Gander is a website for information and resources on the following topics (and more): Hope Alive group counselling, post-abortion counselling, pregnancy loss counselling, counsellor training, abuse and neglect, abortion survivors, pro-life issues, creation, Christianity, faith, politics, eugenics, Down's Syndrome, hope and healing, marriage, the family, and home schooling.

Who are we? We are worried. The world is going to Hades in a handcart. There is a pervasive, self destructive madness very few people seem to see. Some of you see it, but feel there is nothing you can do. You may be perceptive, well informed and courageous, but are being marginalized and made to feel impotent by the politically correct media, academia and legal systems.

We are trying to be audacious enough to speak up and/or write up about this pervasive, persistent self-destructiveness. Actually, we don't really have a choice. If we do not, there soon won't be anybody aware enough to listen to opposing views. Unless we offer real hope from workable solutions, people will despair.

We messengers are experienced professionals, parents and academicians. We write and speak stern warnings and practical hopes based on careful and honest analysis of Scripture and science. Our views are neither right, left, nor middle. After all, there is only one Truth. A persistent, honest pursuit of truth will lead to the only source of truth. We hope your response will not be ad hominem, but a critical appraisal of what is discernable, provable truth--whether you agree with us or not.

Please do not be put off by the self-protective anonymity used in some instances. Previous experience tells these messengers that reaction to what is politically incorrect can be violent--particularly from those self-styled liberals who espouse tolerance of everything except those who don't share their views.

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