Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help Norm Coleman -- Farse by Al Franken and Harry Reid

As you know, the contest phase of the Minnesota recount started this week. It is critical that every valid vote is counted. We believe that a fair and transparent process will return Norm Coleman to the Senate. Unfortunately, Al Franken and Harry Reid have tried to short circuit the process at every turn.

In addition, liberal blogs and activists have followed Franken and Reid’s lead and injected overwhelmingly negative commentary on numerous Web sites, including those in Minnesota.

We need your help. We must ensure that our voices are heard and everyone understands just how important it is that Republicans have 42 Senators in the 111th Congress.

Below, we’ve listed a number of links to Minnesota media outlets where your voice can be heard. Please take a moment to post your comments in support of Norm Coleman and every valid vote counting on these Web sites.

Thank you for your help and commitment!

Cyrus Krohn
RNC E-Campaign Director

Or send an email to:

MN NEWS (Note: the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune are the two most widely read in the state.)

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