Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama Gives the Unborn at least 24-hour Reprieve, Postpones $ 441 Million Bailout of International Abortions

Why? Why are our tax dollars going to abortions in other countries? As if our economy isn't pinching people as it is. Of course, I hate abortion with the hateful passion it deserves, but foreign countries? Why are we not giving foreign countries the same amount of money to help women keep their babies??

This is the kicker...because President Obama is not pro-life in any way shape or form and has no intention of limiting abortions as he signs this absurd paper taking our hard earned tax dollars to kill children in other countries.

And, soon enough, FOCA comes to the table. As this article says, the pro-life movement isn't a fly by night group of people trying to get attention. As one reporter said during the March for Life today in D.C., this is a group that isn't going way even if someone tried to make them.


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President Obama Gives the Unborn at least 24-hour Reprieve, Postpones $ 441 Million Bailout of International Abortions

Washington, D.C. - On the day that millions of Americans solemnly marked the 36th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision that has led to the loss of an estimated 50 million lives, President Barack Obama was widely expected to issue an executive order rescinding the "Mexico City Policy," which prohibits taxpayer funds from going to foreign non-governmental organizations that use other funds to promote and perform abortions.

Instead, the President issued a statement reiterating his support for Roe v. Wade. Media reports indicate that he eventually plans to sign an executive order overturning the "Mexico City Policy" despite promises made during the campaign and today to 'reduce the number of abortions.'

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, had this to say:

"Today, President Obama chose to give unborn children at least a 24-hour reprieve before he signs an executive order that sends millions in U.S. taxpayer funds to pro-abortion groups around the world. Some may see this brief delay as an 'olive branch' to the hundreds of thousands attending today's March for Life. If this is an olive branch, we'd like to see the olive tree.

"These marchers aren't a special interest group seeking recognition for themselves. Rather, they march for the day when unborn children are fully protected under law. Regardless of whether the order takes effect today or tomorrow, granting the unborn a 24-hour reprieve is not enough. It may be an extra day of life, but these children deserve a full life, protected under law.

"We have a responsibility to respect the policies and traditions of the many other countries, that have laws recognizing the right to life of the unborn, and it is an insult to fund organizations that are intent on overturning those laws by promoting an elite ideology of abortion on demand."

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