Friday, December 26, 2008

Abortion Truth A Click Away

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* Defining "Abortion"
* An Informed Choice
* Abortion History Timeline

Abortion Alternatives

* Gabriel Project
* Several Sources Foundation
* The Nurturing Network
* Bethany Christian Services
* National Life Center
* Birthright
* OptionLine
* Crisis Pregnancy Center

Abortion Techniques

* Hysterotomy
* Partial-Birth Abortion
* Prostaglandins
* Urea
* Salt Poisoning
* Instillation Methods
* Dilatation (Dilation) and Evacuation (D&E)
* Methotrexate
* RU 486
* Dilatation (Dilation) and Curettage (D&C)
* Suction Aspiration

After an Abortion

* Post-Abortion Help Centers
* Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS)
* How Abortion Hurts Women

Articles and Addresses

* The Sanctity of Human Life from Conception to Natural Death
* Respect Life Mass homily - 2003, Archbishop Chaput
* Archbishop Chaput’s statement on Supreme Court legalization of partial-birth abortion
* A logical argument against abortion
* An Ex-Abortionist speaks
* Rep. Chris Smith’s address to the 2008 March for Life

Catholic Teaching

* The Catholic Church and Abortion
* The Bible's Teaching Against Abortion
* Blessed Mother Teresa on Abortion

Defending Life

* Rape, Incest, Fetal Abnormality
* If abortion is made illegal women will die in back alleys
* What will we do with all the unwanted kids? (Poor babies, overpopulation, abuse, etc.)
* It's my body/ a women's choice
* It's not a baby- it's just a blob of tissue

Medical Aspects

* Physical Complications for Surgical Abortions
* Psychological Consequences
* List of Complications

Partial-Birth Abortion

* What is partial-birth abortion?
* Legislative efforts in the United States to prohibit 'partial-birth abortion'
* Actions taken by the Bishops of the United States
* Standing up for Life
* Why is it called "Partial-Birth"?
* A Diagram of the Partial Birth Abortion Procedure
* Are Partial-Birth Abortions Common?
* Partial-birth Abortion: What's next?
* Bishops' letter to President Clinton condemning Partial Birth Abortion Veto
* Life, Death, and Partial-Birth Abortion

RU - 486

* What about psychological after effects?
* Are chemical abortions safer than surgical abortions?
* What sort of medical conditions might keep a woman from being offered the chemical abortion method?
* How long does a typical RU486/PG abortion take and how many steps does it involve?
* Is this the "morning after" pill I've heard so much about?
* How does RU 486 work?
* What is RU 486?


* He made me feel so stupid for becoming pregnant
* I bought the Pro-Choice rhetoric
* I have a long road ahead of me
* I lived a total HELL within myself
* I was hoping the sermon would help…
* I was petrified to tell my parents
* In the basin was a red, tiny perfectly formed baby
* It was then that I realized the horrible mistake I had made
* I’ve never known a feeling so bad
* My body knew it had been robbed
* Nobody said it would hurt so much
* They didn’t want the others to hear me
* Two days I wish I could re-live

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