Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catholics for Obama-Biden

Here on this blog (as seems to be the cool thing to do) are the so called "catholics" for Obama-Biden.  I have asked 3 times for the leader of the pack to tell me just one social issue that Obama wants to *cure* and how he plans on doing that.  The response is always that I should look at Obama's website.  Insults follow that if I have the wits about me to find this blog, surely I have the wits about me to read Obama's website.  Well, I did that 3 months ago and can't for the life of me find out how Obama intends to do anything but "change."   And my question is......change what and I challenge Obamanation followers to tell me.

As usual, those who profess to support Obama, have little, if any, real knowledge on just what Obama professes as his solution to any social issue.  As well, I find that "catholics" for Obama are not a matter of fact, they are pro-death.   Keep in mind that when I say catholic, I do emphasize a lower case "c" for catholic.  And I am not going to say "pro-choice" when the choice is a human being baby.  That's a choice alright.  The choice is whether or not to kill a human child.

There is no proof whatsoever that Catholics for Obama are people who are really going to the Roman Catholic Church. 

Any Catholic who wishes to entertain the idea that they are Catholic and who voted for Obama knowing full well that he fully intended and still intends to sign FOCA into law is NO Catholic.  Any person who does this is protesting the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Protesting is equal to protestant.   MIND YOU, I am not saying anything wrong against our protestant brethren!   Indeed I am not !   I am saying that any Catholic who votes knowingly for a pro-death politician, and indeed Obama, is NOT Catholic.   Delusional yes, but Catholic, NO.  A joke?  yes.  Catholic? no. Not anymore.  The days of picking and choosing are over.  Catholics are in or they are out.

And, so....why would a Catholic profess to be Catholic and "protest(ant)" the views of the Church?   Prideful behavior and why not.   It was the first sin and is the bottom line of all sin.   So, it's human to be prideful.  Cool enough.  But to deliberately try to convince anyone they can that what they stand for is the TRUE Catholic Church??  No, that's WAY more than pride.  That is deviance.  That is not the voice of God they are hearing. 

So...what do we do about our protesting Catholics?   Well, we can seriously pray for their conversion first and foremost.   And, we WILL do everything we can to expose their lies.........

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