Monday, December 8, 2008

God's Grace -- My WW2 Dad Doesn't Know What Has Happened...thank you, God

I have been caring for my now 89 year old dad, a proud WW2 Vet, who has no clue that our United States has just made the most tragic decision to dishonor all he and all WW2 Vets stand for.

Iraq war....what?? Give me a break. First of all, you all should be darn thankful we don't have a draft but you just'll see one again. And, maybe it won't just be for 18 y/o and older. Did it ever occur to people in this very spoiled world of today that our men and women of the armed forces joined VOLUNTARILY knowing something like war would happen?


I am very sorry that parents of our military families have lost their children and grandchildren. But, they wanted to serve our country and they did...and they are doing just that. They are heroes! Heroic virtue. And, when people complain about how unfair the war is, they dishonor and discredit those men and women. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU WHINE !

NEVER in a million years would I ever bitch and whine and complain about a war my child had chosen to enter. How could I ever trash their ideals like that? It's selfish...plain and simple...self-centered and selfish for any family member to do that of our most honorable and heroic armed force members.

My dad.....he has his right mind but it's a very short memory....very short. And, I DARE you twist the truth to fit your needs in the elitist way that is "cool" these days. I am thanking God my dad does not have to realize how the elite have made all they went through for naught.

If you don't believe in God...then I hope the God you don't believe in finds mercy for you when it's your time.

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