Tuesday, December 9, 2008

San Fran Gays Are Calling For Gays To "Call In Gay"

Well, the whole idea is that the gays feel they are so incredibly necessary that if the gays call in sick...."call in gay"....and not show up for work, then the world will see how necessary they are.

For the life of me, I don't get it. Should all brunettes "call in brunette"? Should all short people "call in short?" And what would happen if all heterosexuals were to "call in heterosexual"?

Now, if anyone wants to put a real hurt on society, then the thing to do would be to "call in Christian."

Noting that a news reporter wonders how this will effect our country when the economy is already in bad shape. So many people are out of work and daily getting pink slips. So, it seems to make perfect sense to me that if a group of people want to not show up for work because of their sex life, it would be extremely cool if the employers give them a pink slip and hire one of those people with a family to support and is out of work.

Good grief....seriously....


EbethW said...

Love your post!! hahaha, we have a son that would be very happy to get one of these ungrateful "call in gay" jobs. And he won't be making any big stink about being newly married with a beautiful new female bride to support!!


Clairvaux said...

Ya! LOL It reminds me of a couple years ago when the Hollywood writers went on strike and we couldn't watch a new episode of CSI. Oh well ! Can you believe the arrogance of these people?? Oh my gosh !!! A person's sex life is a reason to take the day off?? ROFL And, yes, people like your son SHOULD get the job !

EbethW said...

Keep up to good work!!

Oh and btw, pray for my son, he needs a job bad!! He had to quit his job because his wife got the job of her dreams....2 hours away. Great opp for her, but hard times for job searching!


Clairvaux said...

Will do. Prayers ascending.